“Acquisio provides software that facilitates customer acquisition using ad platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising. Marketers of any size can benefit from Acquisio’s advanced data science tools to automate and optimize most of the processes involved in acquiring new customers online. Acquisio also runs a thriving trading desk servicing marketing age”


"Acquisio is a tool meant to automatize the campaign launching process, including features to duplicate them and manage their bids and budgets. Their software is oriented to users who have been in the field for a while. Acquisio chooses not to show their prices on the public website but offers you to contact them to find out. Also, there is a free demo available. "


Product Details

Free trial: Yes

Free trial requirement:

  • Account registration

Key Product Features:

Web Analytics, Campaign Management, Display Advertising, PPC and reporting, Bid and Budget management. 

Pricing: N/A

Pricing discounts: None

The product good for:

  • Medium businesses
  • Enterprises

Business Info

Date founded: 2003

Number of employees: 51-200

Number of users: Greater than 10000

Company Website:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 (866) 493 9070 

We are also on:

Team Members

Richard Couture

CTO & Co-Founder

Isabelle Roux

VP, Human Resources

Jason MacDonald

VP, Optimization & R&D

Software Reviews

Jake H


“Extremely Good Reporting and PPC Software That Comes at a Price”

Overall: I loved it when I didn't have to consider paying for it. Clients loved it. They loved the reporting and the BBM tool.

Pros: I was an Account Manager at a marketing agency that exclusively used Acquisio. I loved it. the reporting was extremely easy to read and make decisions from as well as guide clients through. And it looked extremely professional. But objectively, the best part about Acquisio is the Bid and Budget Management tool. It analyzes keyword bids 24/7 and automatically makes adjustments using intelligent bidding. This wasn't as important to me as an account manager, but it was a huge selling point for our clients knowing that their ads campaigns were being literally managed 24/7.

Cons: I have since left that agency and started my own. The main thing about the software is the price. If you're a newer agency, it's probably not going to be worth it for you. It starts at [...] but it's not listed on their website anymore. It used to be. However, once your agency starts picking up, I HIGHLY recommend this software.

Matt V


"Easier Tracking and Reporting across platforms"

What do you like best?

We like how easy it is to look at performance across Google and Bing Ads in one interface and create client reports automatically at months-end
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What do you dislike?

I'd like it if the date range interface didn't assume that because I change beginning date that I want to change end date, and vice-versa.
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Recommendations to others considering the product:

Good time saver, especially when needing to answer adhoc client questions across platforms, like "how did this campaign do this month versus last?"
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What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We save tons of time on reporting which allows us to get invoices out more quickly.

Matthew K


“Not Great for Campaigns with Small Budgets”

Overall: Acquisio has some nice features, but in the end, it didn't work for our company and we had to cancel the service.

Pros: The customer service was good, and we were able to set up regular calls with a representative to answer our questions. Acquisio does have some nice features that would be useful when managing campaigns with large budgets.

Cons: The organization was not great in my opinion. Accounts had to be linked every time a folder was created, and it would have been much easier if you could just link it once. We also had fairly small budgets and as a result, we didn't have enough data to use the CPA bid strategy. We had to use the CPC strategy even though we optimized our campaigns towards a target CPA. If you have larger budgets, this probably wouldn't be an issue, but for us, it was.

What the Interwebs Say

Users are very happy with Acquisio’s reporting tool which is apparently very easy and intuitive and their clients love it. Also, they are highly satisfied with their bid and budget management tool which works 24/7 and makes adjustments automatically. However, there are some complaints about its service for smaller businesses and freelancers who don’t seem very satisfied, they claim the quality-price ratio is not worth it.