Data-driven marketers can improve performance and make smarter decisions more quickly and easily with the help of Adverity, an intelligent marketing analytics platform. Adverity lessens the difficulty associated with proving the ROI of marketing expenditures by converting siloed data into actionable knowledge.


With the app’s popularity, Adverity has made different solutions for industries of different types and sizes. This includes agencies, CPG & Retail, eCommerce, Telecoms, Technology, and Media & Entertainment. Adverity can act as a single source of data to measure effectiveness and optimize campaigns to deliver the best performance and value. The company is like no other and takes time to organize events and generate resources that are helpful and relevant to their clients’ needs.


Product Details

Free trial: Yes

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  • Account registration

Key Product Features:

Integrate all of your data sources automatically, Improve reporting efficiency with adaptable dashboards, Discover fresh insights using predictive analytics driven by AI.

Pricing: Starts at €1500

Pricing discounts: None

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Business Info

Date founded: 2015

Number of employees: Greater than 200

Number of users: N/A

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Phone: 43-1-8903155

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Team Members

Kirsten (Ralph) Buchta

VP of Account Management

Alexander Buttler

Account Manager

Sam Madden

Vice President of Global Sales

Software Reviews

Arlinda B.


“Automated reporting in just a few clicks…”

What do you like best?

– This platform has a large library of connectors to various platforms and databases

– If there’s an API connection missing from their collection; you can build one yourself using their “webconnect” feature or ask the dev team to build one for you.

– You can use their enrichments feature to transform your data easily. There’s low-code and no-code functionality to help enable users of varying skill levels.

– The onboarding process was pretty easy. They helped us set up our first workspace with data schemas tailored to our reporting needs and showed us how to use the platform.

– Their support staff is easy to work with and always willing to help out whenever we’re stuck on something.

I’ve used Datorama and Funnel but they don’t come close to this one. The platform itself is easy to navigate and the data mapping is fairly flexible which makes it easy to customize datasets for multiple clients and industries.

What do you dislike?

Just a few things come to mind (and I’m sure they’re working on this):

– The documentation can be lacking sometimes.

– The error codes can be difficult to troubleshoot at times without help from their support team.

– This platform is missing an online community or forum so users can collaborate and share solutions with each other.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

Before Adverity, we were updating all of our dashboards manually, copy-pasting from platforms and files to spreadsheets. This process was time-consuming and error-prone, taking up to 30 hours a week. Since we’ve implemented Adverity, our data is more consistent and automated. We can now focus on analyzing the data and optimizing our campaigns. Adding this platform to our tool stack has helped us scale our reporting capabilities.

Alexander A.


“Innovative and Dependable”

What do you like best?

We’re a small but mighty analytics team within an already mature full-service marketing firm. We needed to provide at-scale analytics solutions while remaining agile, and scalable. We used other services before switching to Adverity, but many other products were either far too limiting for our team in what they allowed us to do (clearly built for non-technical users) or would have required a full-scale IT department to implement. With Adverity we got the best of both worlds. There’s nothing we *can’t* do with Adverity that we could do with a more code-based solution, but we have the flexibility and support of an enterprise service. Add to that the fact that whenever we have a business need Adverity’s response is always to immediately start proposing solutions. I’ve never once been told “we can’t do that” or “that’s outside the scope of our platform’s capabilities”. Sometimes there may not immediately be a quick fix, but there’s always a conversation about how to extend the platform’s functionality to fit our use case. Finally, the team support from Adverity is unmatched. At every point along the way, their team has been superior. At first, I thought we were just lucky, but I’ve come to realize that superior service is something we can expect from Adverity. Response times are fast, the accounts team is proactive, and implementation/onboarding is incredibly knowledgeable. They’re experts in both industry and analytics.

What do you dislike?

The platform’s user experience needs some work. Oftentimes it’s not intuitive how to find what you’re looking for. You pick up on it pretty quickly, but it’s confusing at the beginning. I also would love more ability to templatize. Right now if we have a data connection for one client we have to recreate it to get the same data from another client. I’d love to see the platform provide more administrative management tools. All-in-all though they’ve already been adding these kinds of features. Curious to see the management side of the platform continue to grow.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

We work with a LOT of data for such a small team. We have many clients and trying to manually manage their data was untenable. Adverity allows us to collect data easily. We are using a separate reporting (tableau) and data warehousing (google big query) tool. Adverity has made onboarding those other tools straightforward. Adverity also allows us to activate our existing data to drive new insights. We’re not just delivering baseline reporting, we have time to be strategic and innovative.

Kara A.


“Democratizing data for marketers – A great low-no-code ETL tool”

What do you like best?

Allows my team of marketers who are not data engineers to extract and transform data without having to learn python (although it’s helpful). Supermetrics and similar solutions pull the data, but there is a ton of data strategy around schema naming conventions and work to manipulate the data that still needs to be done. Adverity lets us standardize our data strategy and schema across our clients and accounts, and it saves us a ton of time and human error versus doing this in Google Sheets, Excel, or directly in a visualization engine like Google Data Studio.

What do you dislike?

Limited governance – When we set up a workspace or data stream, I’d like to be able to limit the accounts available so it doesn’t accidentally pull from multiple. Also, it would be great to have Google SSO available out of the box.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

If you’ve been struggling with Supermetrics, direct connections to APIs, or you just don’t want to hire a data engineer, this is a great tool.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

We primarily use Adverity to build marketing databases for our clients (we are a B2B marketing consultagency). There are three primary use cases:

1. Audit marketing and advertising platforms – We have data stream templates created that we pull into visualization templates which reduces the time needed to audit an account when we’re starting to work with a new client, and it improves the visualization of findings. For example, we use a tree map to visualize the structure of a LinkedIn Ads account and see how it’s organized into Campaign Groups, Campaigns, and Ads, and see where they are spending the most and getting the best performance.

2. QA – We set up specific data streams to pull settings and compare actual values against expected to quickly and easily identify discrepancies. For example, if a campaign on Google Ads is supposed to be targeting EMEA but 30% of the budget is being delivered in APAC, we can see that immediately and know that the location targeting settings may be incorrect.

3. Performance Reporting – We again have data stream templates set up to pull standard data for marketing performance reporting. We also use enrichments to create custom dimensions to categorize the data according to the client’s business. For example, some clients call geographic regions like APAC “theaters” and some call them “territories” or “regions.” Some call it “AMS” and some call it “AMER”. We can easily use enrichments to reflect their taxonomy and make the reporting custom to them.

Additionally, we’re working with our amazing account manager to create custom budget burn and workload forecasting by joining our time tracking system with our project management tool.

What the Interwebs Say

Adverity is well loved by many, and users are quite happy with the tool. Connectors to numerous systems and databases are available on this platform in a sizable library. You can either ask the development team to establish an API connection for you or build one yourself using their “webconnect” tool if it’s missing from their collection. You may quickly modify your data using their enrichments function. Low-code and no-code functionality is available to support users of various ability levels. The onboarding procedure went fairly smoothly. They demonstrate how to use the platform and assist clients in setting up their initial workspaces with data schemas catered to our reporting requirements. Their support team is friendly to work with and always eager to assist customers who are having trouble with something. However, while there’s a lot of positive feedback, there are areas that need improvement as well. Sometimes the documentation is incomplete, and it can be challenging to resolve the problem codes without assistance from their support staff. This platform is lacking a forum or online community where people may communicate and share solutions.