Meet Jarvis, your AI copywriting assistant. Finish writing high-quality copy 2–5X faster. Jarvis can help write your blog articles, social media posts, marketing emails, and more. Rated 4.9/5 stars in over 1,000 reviews.


Jarvis (Previously branded as Conversion.ai) is an AI copywriting assistant from Conversion.ai. This AI software supports over 25 languages and can help users write original and plagiarism-free Marketing copy, Blog posts, landing pages, Social media posts and Email campaign contents. Writers, Bloggers, Content Creators, and Social Media Marketers, may all benefit from using this AI writing software. By automating the content creation process users can drive more visitors, convert better, and save time by using this software. Their paid plans start from $29 per month with access to 50+ copywriting skills and 20,000 AI-generated words. They do not offer a free trial, however they offer a 7 day money back guarantee if the product does not work out the way the user expect it to be.


Product Details

Free trial: No

Key Product Features:

Copywriting, content creating.

Pricing: $29 -$119

Pricing discounts: Annual

The product good for:

  • Freelancers
  • Startups
  • Small businesses
  • Medium businesses
  • Enterprises

Business Info

Date founded: 2020

Number of employees: 2-10

Number of users: N/A

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Team Members

Dave Rogenmoser


John Philip Morgan


Chris Hull


Software Reviews

Eric D


"Great Solution! Modify to Business needs! Outstanding Support!"

What do you like best?

Although we used FileMaker for some of out internal processes and systems, Jarvis CRM has provided us with a more powerful, robust and outstanding system. The UI is intuitive yet clean and easy for users of all types.

Scarpetta has been outstanding involvement in creating and modifying Jarvis to suit out business needs. The professionalism and support from Scarpetta has been beyond compare.Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What do you dislike?

Jarvis has provided our business with a solution in which Scarpetta has modified to our tailored needs. Scarpetta has been able to provide a modified solution for our needs without any negative outcomes.Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Being in the healthcare field, evolutionary changes occur often. Our journey of finding a custom EHR solution has ended with Jarvis. Before Jarvis, our agency relied on several different solutions and systems to manage our healthcare records. Our move into a paperless system has been brought to light with Jarvis. There are a multitude of benefits our business has and will be party to because of going virtually paperless.

Jason S


"Great out-of-the-box CRM and great platform/dev team to use for a custom solution"

What do you like best?

We were already sold on the use of Filemaker, as we use it for several internal systems. Having our new CRM build on this user-friendly platform which was already familiar to staff has been very beneficial.

The Jarvis UI is clean and intuitive. Features are robust and what you'd expect from a high-end CRM system.Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What do you dislike?

We worked with the team at Scarpetta Group to take Jarvis, a feature-rich and robust system, and build a custom solution. There hasn't been anything we've asked for that we haven't been able to accomplish. Jarivs has all the core features needed to handle CRM requirements.Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Before Jarvis, we used multiple tools to handle user maintenance and marketing activities. None of these were tied to our primary backend system. Jarvis (and Filemaker) allows us to have a single system that tracks CRM-specific data and join this information with MSSQL. The time required to handle new user registration and general marketing communications has been greatly reduced.

Johnny B


“Ai to the rescue”

Overall: So far I've been able to improve my workflow and process 10X by using Jarvis. I've used 6 different Ai writing tools in the past 3 months and Jarvis puts out the most useful content out of all of them. The uniqueness of the content means I have to make less edits to add my personality. Hands down this is a game changer for me and my business partners.
Pros: The categories and topics make it easy to choose what you are working on and get the best results. Whether its a facebook ad or a blog post, I'm not stuck looking at a blank page.
Cons: The only con I have is the price. Not all of the content that is generated is usable. So the credits get used for words that are not adding value to my project. But from what I've seen they are working on ways to recover these credits in the future. Even with that said I think the value of what I receive outweighs the loss of a few credits.
Switched From: Copysmith
Reasons for Switching to Jarvis: Copysmith is good but the options are limited by comparison. Copysmith is just getting started though so they may improve with time. I'll keep my eye on them. Copysmith gives you more credits for your money but the workflow is better with Conversion Ai. Making the tradeoff because conversion.ai is a time saver.

What the Interwebs Say

Users are very happy with this tool's features and performance and would recommend this tool to anyone looking for help with copywriting. Users agree that this tool generates quality copy within seconds, saving them time and money to hire expensive copywriters. A few users suggested they would like to see more added variety and features like more blog related writing, SEO tools and also a few more formatting options, nevertheless they went on to say that the support they received from the team and Facebook community is excellent and has promised improvements to the software. According to majority of the users the overall experience is phenomenal!