Powering beautifully effective ads. automates every step of social advertising to unlock greater performance and creativity. We are a global team of over 400 Smartlies, building a platform that automates creative production and ad buying at scale. 


Smartly is a platform that enables the collaboration of Creative and Performance teams to help manage the whole social media advertising process. It is meant to make your Ad campaign more powerful and it allows you to schedule its timing. Pricing depends on how much do they spent per month, it does not offer a free version but it has a free trial.


Product Details

Free trial: Yes

Free trial requirement:

  • Business email address

Key Product Features:

Social Media Marketing and Management (publishing and scheduling posts), Targeting, Keyword filtering.

Pricing: $5000 — $300000

Pricing discounts: None

The product good for:

  • Medium businesses
  • Enterprises

Business Info

Date founded: 2013

Number of employees: 51-200

Number of users: Less than 1000

Company Website:

We are also on:

Team Members

Kristo Ovaska

Founder & CEO

Guillermo Piñon

Team Lead LATAM

Christopher McArdle

Senior VP & CRO

Software Reviews

Slaton S


"Crucial for optimising our marketing campaings."

What do you like best?

Just how easy and fast I can see from the outcomes of the campaigns. it is good to check the audience of mine and make certain It is alright in the summary. It's great for me to easily access the findings of a conference as well as to always find the info I will need on the screen of mine. I also enjoy seeing the sneak peek of small ads, in order that they can find easily as well as know what type is most effective.
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What do you dislike?

Maybe put in completely into USD, since I cannot see the entire outcomes of different accounts with many different currencies? Additionally, I can certainly say it will take time for an advertisement preview to load.
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Recommendations to others considering the product:

And so much simpler and much easier to see and analyse information than Facebook. We are able to include all of our creative stuff quickly with automated advertisements and make modifications on a regular basis.
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What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

It's very cool to monitor report efficiency very easily in case I have to measure quickly or perhaps analysis of just how the campaigns of mine can be streamlined and to produce guides for my automatic campaigns. In analysis and design, I shortened the times of mine. The design Team has discovered the way to work with the promotions of ours, vendors and prices to produce new and nice templates, so we are able to make lots of ads with no spending lots of time there. This must be of help that is great in order to us in the entire performance of the campaigns and also to include the partners of ours in ads and not simply the best.

Marcus E


"Manage and optimize campaigns"

What do you like best?

I can manage all our campaigns and have a great overview of all ongoing advertising initiatives in the dashboard. Furthermore, I can accurately identify and view the smelling range and results of our campaigns - the reports are perfect.
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What do you dislike?

Some features are hidden in the toolbar and can only be viewed individually per campaign - here it would be ideal if I could also see an overall view.
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What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We can schedule posts and ads and have them put online automatically. Our team saves time in processing and can promote our products in a targeted manner. We can precisely select the target group and work out the results of each campaign.

Michael B


"Paid Media Lead | Switched On"

What do you like best?

  • The ability to use API data to dynamically generate creative to create timely, relevant messaging at scale. It simply wouldn't be possible without a tool like Smartly. Not only is it cool, but also delivered a significant increase in performance resulting in real business value.
  • Automated Triggers (Rules) are flexible, versatile and reliable, far more so than Ads Manager rules.
  • Support is first-class and Smartly staff cares about the success of our client's business.
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What do you dislike?

At the time of writing, only supports Facebook and Pinterest, although Snapchat is on the way. Would love to be able to manage all social campaigns from the one platform.
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What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Being able to customise creative automatically at scale in a very volatile and fast-proving industry, resulting in a significant increase in acquisition volume.

What the Interwebs Say

Users are happy with Smartly’s feature to manage several campaigns at once and how it allows them to have a very good overview of all the advertising initiatives they are running. They also said it’s a very intuitive tool and that Smartly has a very approachable customer support team that offers virtual meetings to help you out. Some customers suggested a better way to show clients what their ads look like but overall they are very satisfied.