What is PPC Tools Reviews all about?

We are a crew of PPC/SEM nerds with years of experience in the field who, all along this time, have been collecting information on the many tools we researched and tried for the many different things we worked on. One day it occurred to us how much easier our lives would have been if we had had someone giving us a full review on all of them before, and that’s when it hit us: We can’t go back but our colleagues can take profit on our own experience.

PPC Tools Reviews is a website meant to help other people in the world of Digital Marketing save time in going through thousands of tools. Hereby, you’ll find information already collected about a very wide variety of different softwares and platforms so you don’t have to sign up to all of their free trials (and, you know, not all of them have it, but you can check which ones do in this very website!).

Since all of our data comes from a spreadsheet that kept growing and growing, our reviews are based on personal research and experience. We are not here to judge, but we assure you none of the tools reviewed had a saying on what we had to say about them. When going through our reviews, you’ll be basically going through our very own minds.

Being a PPC nerd these days keep getting harder and harder, but we believe sites like ours and many ours are the key to pave the way for our colleagues and future generations. Go ahead and find out what our time here has taught us!