Adalysis is a workflow suite for Google Ads & Bing Ads. We automate the math and suggestions so you can focus on taking action.


Adalysis is built to manage PPC campaigns and run data scans on Ads to create reports on optimization possibilities. This tool is meant to save time by automating the process of reviewing the Ads performances. Its audience is mostly agencies and in-house teams looking to improve their efficiency on Paid Search. Adalysis prices begin at $99/month, they don’t have a free version but they offer a 14-day free trial.


Product Details

Free trial: Yes

Free trial requirement:

  • Account registration

Key Product Features:

Automatic Recommendations, Scalable Ad Testing, Customizable Alerts, Control Budgets, Understandable Reports

Pricing: $99-$499

Pricing discounts: Annual

The product good for:

  • Freelancers
  • Startups
  • Small businesses
  • Medium businesses
  • Enterprises

Business Info

Date founded: 2012

Number of employees: 2-10

Number of users: Greater than 1000

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Team Members

Brad Geddes


Emmanuel Gad


Software Reviews



"I use SKAGs in my account so I love that I can compare ads with ease across multiple ad groups. I also love the n-gram search query reports and the alerts dashboard."

"I believe it has been great for our organization and has helped us save time on optimizing accounts."

"Adalysis makes it easier to identify which opportunities for improving quality score will have the greatest impacts on overall account performance."

"The posibility to set custom variables, the tool combining data and calculating statistical probability, gives great and significant insights. Especially useful for ad testing/optimization."


"It's no longer possible to include or exclude specific campaigns within accounts. The ad extensions checks can't be customized and are only seen by the tool when there is actual spend in a campaign."

"Highlights opportunities for new keywords as well as potential negative keywords. Notifies me of errors I might have made such as neglecting certain ad extension types."

"I am not sure if there is a dashboard that I can use to see all time results for an A/B test."

"When hopping between different functions of the software you lose the filters you previously had in place and it's a pain to keep putting new or re-adding filters back in."

Mallory R


What do you like best?

I love that you can set up ad tests by label or by pattern (makes it easy to set up different tests across multiple ad groups and campaigns). I also love the campaign/account health checks. They've saved me from many issues (negative keyword conflicts, no ads or keywords enabled etc.)

What do you dislike?

Don't love that I have to do certain activities in Adalysis and other activities in Marin (our bid management platform). It would be great if the two integrated and I wouldn't have to work between platforms.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Best ad testing software on the market, but probably is only really valuable for very large complex accounts.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We have a massive account, thousands of ad groups across multiple languages. Adalysis makes it easy to set up and monitor tests across multiple ad groups and campaigns.



"It helped found out about campaigns enable with no ads and broken links"

"It saves a lot of time. Before I had to aggregate the data in excel and now I can handle everything directly in Adalysis"

"We have been using this product for a while and havent had a single complaint!"


"Some aspects of the system take a while to wrap your head around but at the end of the day, it's worth it."

"I recently learned that the n-gram search query report uses sampled or filtered data. It still unlocks a lot of value but now I feel the need to validate my findings."

"Most alert types are customizable, but some are not. "

Byron Tassoni-Resch


Adalysis is an excellent PPC software product designed with end users and the needs of businesses in mind. Whether you are an entrepreneur working solo or a small business your enterprise can massively benefit from using Adalysis.

PPC tools are critical to analyzing the performance of your ads and optimizing then for better productivity. There are many free and paid tools on the market but Adalysis is one of the most integrated, useful, and better priced products on the market.

Created for ad testing, copy testing, and analytics, Adalysis was developed in response to the problem of manually testing and optimizing performance of ads that was possible using spreadsheets but extremely inefficient and time-consuming.

Adalysis software uses search engine APIs to grab data from all your PPC accounts every night.

The software can be used for multiple accounts within your MMC. When you log-in you’ll see immediately which accounts have winning ad tests. You can then optimize based on Adalysis recommendations or your own preferences.

What the Interwebs Say

Users are very satisfied with the service provided by Adalysis in terms of testing their Ads and reporting on KPI’s. They considered it very easy to use and a huge addition to their everyday work life. The tools they highlighted were mostly around the QA testing, Campaign Builder, and Improvement Points Spotting. Some of them did complain about Adalysis's interface and not being able to customize or see Ad extension checks on some campaigns.