Madgicx is an Autonomous Ad Optimization Platform for Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. We're making advertising budgets more profitable by equipping marketers with best in class AI technology for omnichannel ad optimization.


Madgicx is an Automated Management tool meant to optimize the building, monitoring, and improving campaigns process. They also offer features for Audiences, Bid and Budget Optimization, Strategic Dashboard, and Smart Filters, among others. Their prices start at $49 and depend on the amount you spend on Ads, also they offer a free trial.


Product Details

Free trial: Yes

Pricing discounts: None

Business Info

Date founded: 2018

Number of employees: 51-200

Number of users: Greater than 10000

Company Website:


Phone: 43 664 2606096

We are also on:

Team Members

Yahav Hartman

CEO, Co-Founder

Idan Beker

CTO, Co-Founder

Josef Draxler


Software Reviews

Zach M


“Incredible on-boarding Experience & Intuitive Software”

What do you like best?

Emily did an amazing job at walking me through the software and providing helpful insight on how we can market our video editing software. She was able to provide me ideas as to how I can better target potential customers, insight into specific tools/resources our company would benefit from, and an overall idea of how we can achieve positive ROAS. We are just starting to market our service, however, I can already see the benefits of using Madgicx. I look forward to talking with Emily again and see how our team at Flixation can improve our marketing strategy.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

I do not dislike anything. Emily and the Madgicx team were very helpful at getting my company up and running with FB and Google ads.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We are solving the problem of managing many different ad campaigns. We found that Facebook’s ad manager was very clunky and confusing.

Paul H


“Great product and easy onboarding”

What do you like best?

A better user dashboard than Facebook Ads Manager.

Immediate results.

Easy on boarding and helpful support.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

Nothing so far.

Going forward I would like to see other features that mean I can spend no time at all in Facebook Ad Manager, but for a young company and at this price point I’m happy. I have a good feeling about the company from my interactions with them so far and I think they will improve the product even more.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Facebook Ad Manager is increasingly cumbersome to use with really poor UX.

I know I’m wasting a percentage of my ad spend but difficult to spend the time drilling down into all the data when you’re doing strategy, content etc.

AI can analyse data better and products like Madgicx free up my time to concentrate on stuff that humans like me are better at.

Denise T


“Amazing support and platform”

Overall: Fantastic! Their amazing support whether it’s through chat or a meeting, always helps me with any question or problem I may have. The tool is easy when you start to learn it.
Pros: I love Madgicx based on how much more effective my time gets throughout the days. It’s really easy to set up and look through different audiences and later on launch them. Their fast worldclass support is something that I really appreciate.
Cons: Takes some time to learn and understand the platform. There are some really great “How to’s”-guides in the platform. Once you learn the basics, there’s no problem at all.

What the Interwebs Say

Users are very happy with the skills this tool offers. Most of them highlight the ability of the tool to automate your Google and Facebook Ads campaigns, they agree it saves a lot of time and that includes a lot of very helpful features for you to save time and effort in your Ad Management process. They also complimented the customer service. Some users complained that Madgicx’s interface can get a little confusing.