Property Optimization Wizards is designed for real estate professionals. Their service amplifies visuals and optimizes layouts to boost buyer engagement.


Property Optimization Wizards provides real estate agents with customizable templates for their marketing or operational needs. After purchasing a template, a representative from the company works with the customer to personalize it with images and other details. The finalized product is then delivered digitally within 48 hours, ready for the customer to print and use. The company's service emphasizes ease and efficiency, aiming to facilitate "effortless success" for real estate professionals.


Product Details

Free trial: No

Key Product Features:

Purchase of Templates: Customers can buy templates from the website. These templates could be related to marketing materials, property listings, or other needs for real estate agents; Personalization Process: Once a template is purchased, a representative (referred to as a "wizard") from the company will get in touch with the customer. The purpose of this communication is to collect images and finalize any other specifics related to the order. If there's no need for images, customers can provide the necessary details directly in the purchase notes; Quick Delivery: After the customization and finalization process, the customer will receive their order within 48 hours. This could be in the form of digital files ready for print; Printing: The final step involves the customer taking the received product to their chosen printer. This enables them to have physical copies of their personalized template, bringing their vision for the material to reality.

Pricing: Starts at $29

Pricing discounts: None

The product good for:

  • Freelancers
  • Small businesses
  • Enterprises

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Number of employees: 2-10

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