SegMetrics is a platform for marketing analytics created to assist companies in understanding the actual worth of their leads. It enables marketers to see how lead sources, engagement touchpoints, customer purchase values, and recurring lifetime values are calculated.


Even the most experienced marketers struggle to get reliable data from their marketing analytics. It's much more challenging when your tools don't communicate with one another and you can't fully understand your complete client experience. SegMetrics connects the top, middle, and bottom of your funnel to provide you a unique understanding of how each stage of your marketing operates and who is and is not responding to your content.


Product Details

Free trial: Yes

Free trial requirement:

  • Account registration

Key Product Features:

Ad and Lead Attribution, Lifetime Value Tracking, Funnel Optimization, Team Dashboards, VIP Support, Integrations

Pricing: $175-$15,000+

Pricing discounts: Annual

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Business Info

Date founded: 2015

Number of employees: 2-10

Number of users: N/A

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Team Members

Stacey Wolfgang Bores

Customer Success

Keith Perhac


Ian Garoian

Customer Support

Software Reviews

Rui Zhi D.


“An essential attribution software for all marketers”

Overall: Great experience and provided the insights I’ve needed for making advertising decisions — it’s an indispensable tool for anyone that’s spending money on online advertising. Their team is clearly dedicated to their customer success. Easy set up process.
Pros: Segmetrics helps provide a much clearer picture on which ad platforms are actually making sales. It’s allowed me to see which leads are the most profitable and have the highest LTV.
Cons: I think that the User Interface could look better.

Scott Q.


“Most Comprehensive Attribution Tool Available”

Overall: My experience has been excellent. I am able to solve my attribution reporting problems in a much better fashion than I could using Salesforce reporting.
Pros:  I like that I can tie every leads and opportunity out to a NAMED person. Even though they are tracking the anonymous events like everyone else, they can tell me with specificity who is included in the reports. This makes the tool ultimately more trustworthy. Unlike some other tools in the space, Segmetrics allows for reporting and tracking throughout the entire funnel.
Cons: You can build what ever you want from a modeling and reporting perspective which allows for tremendous flexibility but it requires a real understanding of the data. They have made improvements in this area and I am told more is on the way. In the end it would just speed up seeing the value in the tool.
Reasons for Choosing SegMetrics: Segmetrics had better down funnel reporting capabilities than others in the space. We have a long sales cycle and the other tools just fall short.
Reasons for Switching to SegMetrics: Salesforce reporting is abhorrent when it comes to marketing data

Mitch B.


“Simple insights into online business performance”

Overall: I love that I get clear insights on the important metrics in my business and I can make good decisions
Pros: Setup was a total breeze, but what I like most is that Segmetrics is very friendly and straightforward to use vs other solutions which have too many options and it’s difficult to find the data you need.
Cons: It would have been great to have a more in-depth onboarding and tutorial or course that I could go through and revisit to really get the most out of the tool.
Reasons for Choosing SegMetrics: The pricing for Segmetrics made more sense for our business and as we were evaluating the two products, at the time we found that Segmetrics had superior tracking.

What the Interwebs Say

With a 5-star review on Capterra, SegMetrics has definitely captured the hearts of its users. According to them, the tools has better down funnel reporting capabilities than others that are available on the market. Setting it up is also easy and straightforward and pricing makes more sense for most. The only requests are for the UI to look better and add a little bit more speed to it.